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HIV/AIDS Prevention

The correct use of condoms is vital for preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. Misinformation, lack of access, and negative stigma are all factors contributing to low condom use in rural areas.

TAYL, in collaboration with the private health sector, markets condoms through a network of community-based Sexually Transmitted Infection Prevention and Treatment clinics.

Condom use is also promoted through live entertainment education, which dispels misinformation surrounding condoms and HIV/AIDS. These performances attract large audiences, are accessible to the illiterate, are affordable to produce, and have had an immediate success boosting condom use.

Abstinence and Fidelity

Education at an early age has been shown to make a significant difference in future behavior. A major benefit is the possibility of delaying sexual debut. Secondary abstinence is encouraged as an option for those who are already sexually active, as is the combination of fidelity and condom use.