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HIV/AIDS Awareness

Many barriers must be overcome before HIV status awareness can be achieved on a large scale. Misinformation, negative stigmas, and limited resources continue to stand in the way. TAYL has developed programs to address these barriers and foster a sense of responsibility towards status awareness.

Risk awareness and promotion of health-care seeking behavior TAYL provides risk awareness education to youth from an early age. This helps young people avoid situations that increase their risk of infection. Risk awareness programs are supported by efforts to encourage voluntary testing. 

Screening TAYL has joined forces with healthcare providers to implement “case-finding,” the policy of screening patients who are seeking healthcare for unrelated reasons. Case-finding increases awareness of personal status and, by being integrated with general health, bypasses stigma.

Counseling and Partner Notification It is important that those who test positive for HIV are provided with supportive counseling and educated about what they can now do to protect themselves and others. Partner notification coaching is a key step in this process.